What is BERUFE.TV?

BERUFE.TV is the video portal of the Federal Employment Agency. You can watch videos here about apprenticed professions, degree professions and other videos covering the topics of work, careers, apprenticeships and continuing education.

How can I find videos on BERUFE.TV?

There are several different ways to search for videos on the video portal:

Navigate through the videos from A-Z

Use the Videos A-Z menu item to display a list of all the videos on BERUFE.TV in alphabetical order.

Navigate by career groups

Another option for searching for videos is available via the Career Groups menu item. Videos are listed here by career groups that contain similar professions and training. Main navigation can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the mouse.

Navigate by searching

Another option for finding videos involves using the search function. When entries are made in the search box, matching videos are suggested automatically. If no search suggestions are displayed, you can use the search button to call up the search results page.

Video page

When you select a video using navigation or the search function, the video page is displayed. You can start the video from here. The video page also displays similar videos and links to other websites with more detailed information.

Subtitles (CC) can be displayed for each video by using the subtitle toggle.

Using the keyboard

BERUFE.TV web content can be accessed easily using the keyboard. Most browsers allow you to jump from link to link with the tab key. Activate links by pressing Enter or Return. All forms are of course also keyboard-accessible.